DAR Plants Commemorative Tree at Case-Barlow Farm

The David Hudson Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) placed a commemorative sugar maple tree at the Case-Barlow Farm in honor of those lives lost on September 11, 2011.  At the presentation ceremony, Cindy Weaver, Chapter Regent, quoted the organizations’ President Merry Ann Wright  saying,  “We remember the victims, survivors and heroes of that tragic day.  We remember those who continue to suffer from their losses and injuries.  Across the country, our members are remembering and honoring this important and difficult anniversary through events, memorial and commemorations to help unite our communities.”

It is fitting that the Sugar Maple tree was chosen. This tree served many purposes to our ancestors that moved here from Connecticut. It was economically the most important member of the Maple family in this country. It is the great timber maple, which has curly and birds-eye wood that is loved by furniture and cabinet makers. Tapping this tree for sap which was boiled down to yield maple sugar – a delicious sweet, with the distinctive flavor beloved by settlers to the Hudson area.

Left to right: Nancy Waite, CBF Trustee; Weaver, Regent, David Hudson Chapter, DAR; Jane Plank, Past Regent, David Hudson Chapter, DAR

The DAR tree begins a CBF memorial alley that will line the eastern most perimeter of the farms property. Anyone wishing to add to this lane by purchasing a memorial sugar maple in honor of a person, family, or event can contact the farm at 330.650.0591


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