Case Barlow Farm Rootbeer

In 1972, Hudson Fire Chief Jerry Varnes, then age 12, was hired along with several other boys by Don Barlow to help with the many farm chores such as driving the tractor, harvesting crops and storing the hay bales in the barn. Although other crops were grown, the primary crops were hay and soybean during Don’s time on the farm.

Varnes recalls that bringing in the hay was a hot and dusty task for which he was paid $2.00 per hour. At the end of the hard days work, Don might go to the milk house and bring out the bottles of homemade root beer. It was the best treat you could imagine. Don and his wife, Emily, made the root beer in the basement of the farmhouse. Being a thrifty person, Don would hammer flat the bottle caps, wash out the bottles and return them to the farmhouse to be used over again.

Get your Case Barlow Farm Private Label Root Beer  at the Farm during most events.  It is also available at Destination Hudson and Ace Hardware in Hudson.

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