Visitors to the Case-Barlow Farm will be able to view a World War I uniform with equipment found by Bob Giunta and donated by the Questers, a non-profit organization that studies and preserves historical objects. The items will be on display in the hired hand's room on the second floor.  See the complete Hudson Hub article at:

Clayton Woodworth worked and lived at the farm from 1916 until his death in 1972.  Dennis Barlow grew up  on the farm during that time and remembers that Woodworth was quiet.  "He sat in a rocking chair in the corner and loved television.  He was a simply person of constant habits.  A man from a different time.  This was his house.  This was his family."

Dennis  recalled  that his grandfather told  him that one time they were making hay and loaded a pile into the wagon. Woodworth was the last one to come in. He pushed all the hay out of the wagon onto the ground and drove the team in. Barlow said his grandfather, Henry Barlow, was mad about it.  

Clayte liked to work on his projects.  Dennis recalled that Woodworth needed wood for a project, so he would remove it from the wooden silo, which stood on the west side of the barn. In 1960s they heard a loud crash when the silo tumbled down. "Dad would say, 'He's got a mind of his own,"  Today, the brick ring remains from the fallen silo.

Photo on left: Dennis Barlow and Bob Giunta unveil WW I uniform

Bonnie Popa, Quester Ohio State President. Jamie Parry, member of Anna Lee Questers, Hudson, Ohio
WW I Names
Bob Giunta

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