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Winter Wonderland
Christmas Tea for Adults

Served in our grandly decorated historic farmhouse at Case-Barlow, our Adult Tea will feature an amazing lunch of beautifully decorated tea cakes called Smorgastrato. You will also enjoy savory pumpkin or tomato soup and a delicious desserts.  Each guest will also have an opportunity to make a beautiful holiday candle demonstrated by the owner of the Crooked River Candle shop to take home as a holiday centerpiece.  Capacity is 40 we will sell out so order your tickets early.


Cost is $60 per adult.


Register here beginning Nov. 15th 

Register and Purchase Tickets Here
By registering, you agree to allow CBF to use photos and release CBF from any liability related to the event.

Holiday Tea
Holiday Tea
Dec 01, 2023, 12:00 PM
Case-Barlow Farmhouse
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