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Our Venues

The Barn

The 1890 Barn has a 3,000 sq ft new tulip maple floor with a 500 sqft loft, newly built  contemporary women's, men's and family restrooms, Bar area with triple bay sink,  and beverage cooler and 400 sq ft  catering area with sink, refrigerator, and 2 stainless steel setup tables. Click the Barn picture to see a slide deck of pictures.

The Farmhouse

The 1831 Farmhouse was built by Chauncey Case using bricks that were fired from the clay on he property,  The rear portion was added around 15 years later.  The house can be used for small parties with less than 50 guests.  It can also be added to a Barn Wedding as a bridal suite. A separate entrance to a parlor can also be used as a groom's lounge.   Click the Farmhouse picture to see a slide deck of pictures.

The Grounds

The beautiful 5 acre grounds with outbuildings, gardens and orchard provides a great backdrop for outdoor events.  The brick patio and firepit is a charming addition  There are also several options for an outdoor wedding ceremony.   On site parking is also available.  Click the grounds picture to see a slide deck of pictures.

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